EZ Green Screen Photoshop Plugin

EZ Green Screen Pro 4 Now has a Free Mode! (Image Size Limitation in Free mode)

To use the free mode just download EZ Green Screen using the link below. You will be given a choice when installing whether to install it with a license key or to run it in the free mode. The free mode can be used without any watermarks for images 1200 pixel or less in dimension. When running in free mode, images larger than 1200 pixel dimension will run in trial mode with a watermark. Purchasing a license will remove the size limit.

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Plugin Requirements:

Photoshop: CS3 or Higher
Operating System:
Mac - 10.6.8 or higher
Windows - XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Plugin Current Version: 4.20
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The link below can be used for a trial version of this software.

Price: $169.99
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Version 4 New User Interface and Features

New - EZ Green Screen 4 user guide - See Here

"1 Click" button for great 1 click extractions

We added a new menu item for 1 click extractions. This option SKIPS the user interface. The new adaptive algorithm adapts to each image. Many images can get great looking extraction with a single click!

Tip: Watch Full Screen and change the quality to 1080p to really see the details :)

Teal Green Shirt on Green Screen

It's not always possible to get a perfect green screen extraction when the person is wearing green clothing. However, EGS 4 pushes the capability as far as possible while still maintaining the ability for spill correction. If the green clothing is not a true chroma key green then it is often possible to get the clothing back. Also, this video demonstrates the new Halo Chop feature which cleans up around the edges. The hair is protected from the halo chop by use of the dual mask process.