EZ Green Screen Tutorials


A tutorial showing how to install Easy Green Screen.

EGS 4 Overview

This video covers the basic features of Easy Green Screen 4.

EGS 4 Hair Details

This tutorial shows how to get extra hair detail when desired. Although Easy Green Screen usually does a very good job of maximizing hair detail retention with the default settings, you can sometimes get a little extra back with manual adjustments.

EGS 4 Adding a Background

You can now add a background from the EGS user interface. This is helpful because you can make adjustments to your extractions while viewing the image against the actual background that you are intending to use instead of just a gray BG or a checkerboard pattern.

Fix Color Shifting - Yellow Clothing

It is really easy to correct color shifting on yellow clothing from the spill suppression. It takes just a few seconds and this video shows you how to fix it.

Green on Green - Part 1

Chroma key green colored shirts would require some manual touch up to the mask. However, off greens such as teal colored clothing can usually be extracted pretty quickly and easily.

Layer Mask Touch Up

This video shows several methods to touch up an extraction if part of the foreground is removed.

Balancing Foreground and Background

This tutorial shows how to balance the lighting between the background and foreground using Image Balancer.

Manual Spill Correction

How to use the manual spill correction layer which is created by EGS Pro. This method make it very simple to just "paint on" spill correction.

Paste Extracted Image Into New Background

This tutorial shows two different methods for placing your extracted image into a new background image.